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    FS: Xbox 360/PS3/Wii/DS/Ipad 2/More!

    Prices are OBO
    Prices are not DLVD unless it says so, standard shipping is $3 in a bubble mailer plus 1 dollar for additional game. For blu-rays it is 2.50.
    Games/Blu-Rays are complete in original case unless it is stated otherwise
    If you would like a picture of anything just let me know.

    PS3 Games:
    Madden 11: $1.50
    Dance Dance Revolution with Mat (no instructions): $45 (free shipping!)
    DJ Hero 2 with Turntable and Dongle (no battery cover on turntable): $20 (free shipping!)
    NBA 2K13: $35
    Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2: $9
    Unreal Tournament 3: $1 (no original case art)
    MLB 11 The Show: $1
    GTA IV: $8 (Greatest Hits Case)
    Little Big Planet 2: $9
    Assassin’s Creed 2: $8
    NBA 2K12: $10
    EA Sports Active 2 (game only): $1
    Sonic and Sega Allstars Racing: $12
    Saints Row 2: $7 (no instructions)
    Virtua Fighter 5: $6
    Bioshock: $10 (no instructions)
    Super Street Fighter 4: $8
    Mortal Kombat: $10
    PS3 DLC code:
    Fear 3 Online Code: $3
    PS3 Consoles:
    80 GB PS3 Piano Black, not backwards compatible, Firmware 3.15 (can run linux or just be updated), works well (I could start it and start up Unreal Tournament 3 with no issues, this is my definition of this), comes with: System, AV Cable (y/r/w), Power Cable, D3 Controller (black) and Controller Charge Cable. Price DLVD: $160
    PS3 Accesories:
    Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011 Gun with Sensor and USB: $25 DLVD
    Wii Games:
    Kirby’s Epic Yarn: $10
    Mad World: $5
    Punch-Out: $10 (no instructions)
    Super Mario Galaxy 2: $25
    Blu Rays:
    Toy Story 1 (2 disk): $13
    Toy Story 2(2 disk): $13
    Toy Story 3 (4 disk): $15
    Reservoir Dogs: $5 (DVD case)
    Wanted: $3 (DVD case)
    Mad Men Season 1: $10
    Hot Rod: $5 (DVD case)
    Get Smart’s Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control: $2 (DVD case)
    Dogma: $10
    Fight Club: $7
    Tropic Thunder: $6 (DVD case)
    The Dark Knight (2 disk in Batman case): $5
    Xbox 360 Games:
    Kinect Disneyland Adventures: $6
    Dance Central 3 with unused code: $30
    Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012: $20
    Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection: $30
    Xbox 360 console:
    Xbox 360 4 GB Console comes with: AV Cables (r/y/w), Power Cable, Wireless Black Controller Price DLVD: $120
    Xbox 360 Accesories:
    Kinect w/ Kinect Adventures Price DLVD: $50
    SNES Games: (cart only)
    NBA Jam TE: $6
    Batman Forever: $3
    Super Godzilla: $5
    Aladdin: $7
    Super Mario World: $7
    NES Games:
    Spy vs. Spy: $2
    Hoops: $1
    Little Big Planet 2 CE Bookends: $10 DLVD
    Little Big Planet 2 CE Plush: $15 DLVD
    32 GB Ipad 2 Works Perfect, Cracked Screen, Light Blue Smart Cover, Charge Cable: $230 DLVD
    Turtle Beach X12 Earforce: $30 DLVD
    Pokemon Soulsilver (cart only): $25 DLVD
    Retro Duo SNES/NES Console with all cables and 2 controllers: $50 DLVD
    Green Castle Crasher in display case w/ accessories: $15 DLVD
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    I could use Kinect Adventures Disneyland, as long as it's complete with manual and box, scratch-free. Please PM me!
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    Would younbe interested in a trade


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    The Disneyland Kinect is pending, and I am not really interested in trading unless it is an amazing trade.

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    PM me if it is available. I want it!
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