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    Question Ever seen a BGS card with a subgrade of 0.5?

    Do they even make a sub grade of 0.0? And if they do does anybody have a scan?
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    Thats a first for me never seen a 0.5 sub grade and not sure on the 0.0 either. I've always been tempted to take an average run of the mill base card and bend/crease/tear/burn it until you can just barely make it out anymore and send it out to be graded just for the heck of it. Maybe I'll have to do this one day and see if a 0.0 is possible or not.

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    At least my T206 got a two! Can't remember the subgrades though, I'll have to see if I got 0.5 or lower on any :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post

    Do they even make a sub grade of 0.0? And if they do does anybody have a scan?

    Oh my Lord!!
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    But hey at least they can say they have a graded Jordan rc,just keep the grades under wraps in any conversation though.
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    Lol, for sale?!? ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by PersianCanucks View Post
    Lol, for sale?!? ;)
    Not mine. I got the images from a guy on eBay selling it and if I recall he had a very high asking price on it probably because it is a "one of a kind".
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    I don't understand how this can even be worth grading!
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