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Thread: New tradelist

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    Interested in Topps base cards

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    I would be interested in all of the Glavine, Griffey, Guerrero and Gwynn cards. PM with how many Topps you want and we have a deal.

    Thank you.

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    Still looking for some trades...
    Interested in Topps base cards

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    26 Mar...tradelist cleaned up and updated...please check it out. WL in sig
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    Interested in Topps base cards

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    27 Mar bump, new stuff added..... PM if interested.
    Interested in Topps base cards

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    Ok, I'll check it later and let you know.


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    Hi Just send PM, LMK Thanks
    Hi traders I'm looking for HOF autos and GU's cards I need ,Roberto Alomar & Roberto Clemente New Cards I don't have and Puerto Rican Players cards ,Any help would be great!!!
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    29 Mar bump.
    Interested in Topps base cards

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    Hi Corey,

    I posted up the trade. I noticed that since we've done some trades and increased your feedback number, along with some other trades you've made, you don't have to send first anymore so that's a good thing.

    I found a few more cards that I'd be interested in towards another trade:
    10T Leader #4 (ramirez/sandoval/pujols)
    11T Leader #138 (pujols/gonzalez/votto
    12T Leader #77 kemp/fielder/pujols
    2011 Allen & Ginter #198 Freddie Freeman BRAVES
    2011 Bowman #205 Freddie Freeman BRAVES

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