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    Monster pulls from The Cup and Dominion Gretzky and Crosby!

    Pulled these last night from a tin of The Cup and a tin of Dominion!

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    You can't complain about pulling those beautiful cards! Congrats.


    - Mask Cards
    - 2005-05 UD Endorsed Emblems

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    Was the Honorable Numbers live in a tin? I pulled a redemption for that a few months back.

    BTW, great cards!
    If you can't be bothered listing your cards on Ebay, don't want to pay the high fees, deal with the lousy buyers, then sell your cards to me.

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    is the Gretzky for sale??
    Collect mainly The Cup Limited Logos and Emblems of Endorsement

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    Quote Originally Posted by ouelll2 View Post
    is the Gretzky for sale??
    Sorry, it doesn't belong to us. It came out of one of our breaks.

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