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    2012 Panini Totally Certified Football Group Box Break #422A TWO TEAMS PER SPOT!

    Sport: Football

    Product: 2012 Panini Totally Certified

    Spots: 16 (TWO Teams Per Spot)

    Cost: $11.25

    1. spydermat
    2. ChalkItUp21
    3. metsfan6986
    4. gsil84
    5. gsil84
    6. gsil84
    7. 90sTriplets
    8. ctkenjr.
    9. joeylion
    10. joeylion
    11. VikingPat
    12. VikingPat
    13. VikingPat
    14. mikestore
    15. ANewcombe
    16. ANewcombe

    Here at STL Sports Cards we accept Paypal and Google Checkout. You can either purchase spots at, or send direct Paypal to If you choose to send direct payment please put your username, teams you are buying and STL#422A in the notes section.

    If you would like a spot you can let us know by posting in this thread or by sending payment.

    This will be a Team-Random style break.

    Break will be March 27th at 6:00 PM Eastern and will be broadcast live at and recorded in HD for Youtube!
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    wow.. can i get a spot?
    Is this gonna fill up?
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    Reggie Bush Super Collector
    Wants : Hidden Content

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    I want in please.

    Malcolm Jenkins / Cameron Jordan / Patrick Peterson

    If I post in your thread. PM works best.

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    oops wrong thread. please disregard. sorry
    Always looking for
    Anything Byron Chamberlain(FB) Joe Bisenius(BB) Ken Griffey Jr RC, GU, Autos, & BGS(BB)

    I don't ship to countries outside the US.

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    I'd like a spot
    Looking for any and all New York Giants!
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    Thanks, Russ

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    put me in on this
    Link----->Hidden Content <-----Link


    LINK--------->Hidden Content <--------LINK

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    Ill take a spot.. I would take two spots if I can..
    My Bucket
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    If you only trade Autos for Autos. GM for GM and Base for Base let me know.... Thanks
    I trade by SV. If you contact me about a trade be ready to trade by SV..
    I collect National Treasures 2007 Timeline Cards.

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    hey i want a spot so can u hook me up or show me how too and since this will be my first will it cost me $6.25 and if so i will get two for a total of $17.50
    pm with responce
    Link----->Hidden Content <-----Link


    LINK--------->Hidden Content <--------LINK

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    Please put me down for a spot..

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    I purchased a spot, when will the random be done?
    Collecting Adrian Peterson and Blake Griffin in that order.
    my bucket
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