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    looking for devier posey and michael egnew

    as title says. i know they're out there. i see them everywhere. would like to see pics of what you have and lmk what you like. more stuff coming in so bucket will be updated accordingly.
    pc is spectra spectra spectra

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    I have an egnew contenders auto. I really like your v. Miller, osweiler and ah green. Lmk if we can work something out
    Stepfan Taylor Super Collector

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    i'll trade them for your truck lol.....i have the egnew already unless its the cracked ice version. im looking at your bucket
    pc is spectra spectra spectra

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    Bucket is not updated ill send you a list shortly
    Stepfan Taylor Super Collector

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    Got a sick inception 3 color patch auto of egnew in my bucket if you're interested.
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    Always looking for: Bryce Harper, Matt Kemp, Evan Longoria, Troy Tulowitzki, Yasiel Puig, Colin Kaepernick, Dez Bryant, Clay Matthews,Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James

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    i have one of those coming in but a 4 color. i do need this though

    pc is spectra spectra spectra

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    I doubt I have anywhere near enough, but have both an egnew jsy an posey gu in the bucket. Can you see if there is anything I could add to get the Von or Osweiler?
    I collect Champ Bailey, Chris Harris (Broncos CB), Current Denver Broncos, Gerell Robinson (Broncos/Cardinals WR), Soccer cards and anything that catches my eye! Let's get trading!
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    i have the posey. need the egnew but didnt see anything i could add to it for either of those bud
    pc is spectra spectra spectra

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    webb-got 64 of 76 [4-1of 1]84%-90% of rookies]
    over 450 rice

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    pm sent. any more tonight?
    pc is spectra spectra spectra

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