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    Lets Get These Sold--You Make The Offers--If it Close To Ebay SV, It Is Yours!!!

    Just wanting to clear some of my duplicates, etc. cleared out. You make the offers because apparently whenever I do I am out of touch with reality or maybe I just dont understand how ebay works--so you make the offers and if they are close to ebay minus fees, etc. card is yours. Prefer payment via PAYPAL gift if possible, otherwise please add the fees to pay regular.

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    how much for the lou brock jersey

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    Ill give you $100 for the 3 ungraded Lucks.. Blue, Ref, and Prism base
    Always looking for new Dodger Items!

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    price for both trouts?
    LOOKING FOR: Banks, Clemente, Santo, Harper and Trout RC, RC of all stars especailly older stars, Autos, Older Cubs, and Vintage of stars!
    Basketball- Bulls autographs, Anthony Davis and LeBron RC!
    TRADELIST/PC!!!!! (updated; check!!!)
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    Best price dlvd on the lot below please:
    2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary Mike Trout ROOKIE
    2012 Topps Chrome Andrew Luck BLUE REFRACTOR ROOKIE
    2012 Topps Chrome Andrew Luck REFRACTOR ROOKIE
    2000 Fleer Showcase SWEET Nolan Ryan AUTO
    2005 Bowman Heritage SIGNS OF GREATNESS Andrew McCutchen ROOKIE AUTO
    2005 Bowman Chrome Andrew McCutchen BLUE REFRACTOR ROOKIE
    Looking for ROOKIE cards of the following:
    Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve, Mike Trout, & Miggy Cabrera & Lebron, Westbrook, Durant, & Steph Curry
    Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Antonio Brown & J. J. Watt
    & Tyler Seguin, Jamie Benn, Jonathan Toews, & Patrick Kane

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    Quote Originally Posted by helmsbr View Post
    how much for the lou brock jersey

    $15 dlvd??


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    Quote Originally Posted by tcole1231 View Post
    Ill give you $100 for the 3 ungraded Lucks.. Blue, Ref, and Prism base

    Will pass, sold the Blue REF for $100 on its own.......

    Only Luck of those I have left is the Prizm base--asking $5 dlvd on that..


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    Quote Originally Posted by lzjp View Post
    price for both trouts?


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    price on the schmidt? thanks
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