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    Want To Trade, Sorted By Teams

    Mostly everything is for trade/sale. Here are current players I am looking for:

    Kirk Cousins
    Adrian Peterson
    Colored Chrome Refractors
    Andy Dalton
    and Kirk Cousins again!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by the riddler View Post
    i have some colored refractors who u looking for thanks
    I'll take just about any colored refractor if I can get a nice deal on them! But preferably recievers, qbs, and rbs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DolphinsCollector22 View Post
    I will be in touch around 630. I am currently in a class. Thank you

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    Dolphins: sorry didn't see anything at this time
    Riddler: Like your tebow refractor and am interested in the colored refractors you have

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    Interested in some of the Sean lee stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcw716 View Post
    Interested in some of the Sean lee stuff

    They are available, what do you got for trade?

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    I've got a Kirk Cousins R&S Longevity... I like the Reggie Wayne Prestige Extra Points. LMK
    Looking for Colts, Cubs, Reggie Miller, & Former Hoosiers

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