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    Official 2013 Baltimore Oriole's Thread

    Solid spring training for the O's. Actually scored some runs, let's see how the season starts on Tuesday.

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    Is Chris Davis hot or what!!! O`s are gettin some hits and scorin some runs, so far so good!!

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    The Orioles 4-6 hitters are all on fire so far. We should be 3-0, but I'll take 2-1.

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    2-1 against the Rays is great. I expect the Rays and the O's to be the top spot. Tough outing by Jake today though. Hopefully he can get it together. I think he could be a very solid pitcher

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ripken8fan55 View Post
    Bummer about Roberts gettin injured again. Poor guy can`t catch a break!!
    I was hoping to see Roberts have a great season. If he can't keep himself healthy, I'm expecting Brian to be released at the end of the season.

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    Chris Davis has 16 RBI in the first four games, destroying the old mark by 4 RBI (12) to start off a season after 4 games.

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    Hopefully they get him an auto'd card in O's uniform. Been looking for one since last year

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    Grand slam and 5 more ribbies!!! AWESOME!!! Be nice to have an auto of him Matt!! Really sad for Roberts, being that he`s been with them through all the losing seasons and now when they seem to be turning it around the injury bug keeps gettin him. Hopefully he can come back and play the rest of the season.

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    I've been waiting for a Chris Davis auto in a orioles uniform to come out. Hopefully one of the companies will do it soon.

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