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    Well that stinks, wish we kept Andino

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    Another tough loss today. Hopefully we can rebound tomorrow against Boston.

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    AWESOME comeback win tonight! Chris hits another homer, sweet!! And Matts guy come up HUGE!!!

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    Only one hit...but he made it count! I have to give the front office credit, the last few years, their drafting has been great! So much potential in the minors yet as well. Plus its good to hear Buck drives to the minor league games when the O's aren't playing.

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    Another come back win for the O's and yet another bomb for Mr. Chris Davis

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    they need some starting pitching. They won't do what they did last year in one run games or extra inning games this year.

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    Nolan Reimold looking pretty good to start the year. I really hope he can stay healthy and keep this up. I really liked him when he was called up with Wieters but he seems to not be able to catch a break.

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    Yeah I`d like to see Reimold stay healthy for the year. He`s starting to pickup now!! And a SWEET dh sweep of the Dodgers!!! Hopefully the starters will get it going again this year. And Davis is still rippin the ball! I like the way they`ve been playin so far this year. GO O`S!!!!!!!

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