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    Nice to see the O's win the game in the 9th yesterday.

    I was happy to finally see Arrieta sent back to the minors. The kid just can't get it together. We just need Boston to cool off now.

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    Looks like the best move Boston made over the winter was trading Aviles for Farrell.

    Anybody going for the Birdland Passport T-Shirt? Pretty crappy looking shirt, but like seeing what the Birds have in the minors (although I will miss seeing Billy Rowell in Frederick).
    I use BV when trading and I don't CMB. Seems most buckets have pictures of dogs and birthday parties - anyone else feel the same?Hidden Content Now LETS TRADE

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    So far a solid series against the A's so far. Just need Boston and NY to cool off.

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    They caught the A's at a great time. Yoenis was out and comes back tomorrow. but the A's bats just did nothing. Anyone remember when the O's couldn't find a closer. Gonzalez fell apart, Simon, but man can that Jim Johnson pitch!

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    O's playing well, despite yesterdays game.

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    Chris Davis wins player of the month!!! SWEET! And they beat the Angels, SWEET! So far not to shabby. Nice to see them play well in Oakland!! Last year the A`s owned them!

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    Davis had a monster month. Chris keeps playing like this he'll have a monster pay-day coming. The guy whos' surprised me the most so far this year has been McLouth. He's been doing great at the leadoff spot.

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    The O's did have a nice little winning streak going. Buck needs todo something with the 8-9 hitters in the lineup.

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    McClouth and Manny have been awesome this year! I always thought McClouth had the talent to make a good ball player but they always seem to give up on him too early. Love his hustle. Watching him and Manny on the base paths the second game against the Royals, LOVE that baseball style! And it ended up getting them the win in that game

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    McClouth has been a great surprise so far this season.

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