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    2X 2012 Crown Royale and one 2012 Limited

    Busted a little wax today. I've been on a tear lately so I'm prob going to chill out on the wax crackin', but it was spring break for me and I had to keep myself entertained. Everything FT for guys in my sig
    Two boxes of Crown Royale.
    gold crown die-cut /99 - palamalu, dan herron
    silver crown die-cut /149- tyrone crawford, santonio holmes, matt kalil, karlos dansby
    green crown uncut SSP - bobby wagner (not numbered, but panini stated print run is 3)
    g/u- rookie royalty ryan broyles /149, sunda soldieers arian foster /99
    rookie crown autos- bruce irvin /245, marquis maze /245, kendall reyes purple /25, nick perry /99
    rookie silhouetttes patch autos - egnew /349, turbin /349 redemption (already redeemed), dwayne allen silver /149
    legend spotliht y.a. tittle 01/49
    blue chip david wilson /99
    limited threads beanie wells /99
    jumbo jersey auto jim mcmahon /10
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    Nice McMahon! Looks like the crown was a pretty roughy break though
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    2011 topps chrome autos sepia /99

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    nice Limited!


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    Yea, I can't complain though considering the three rookie silhouettes out of two boxes an the uncut I pretty rare.
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    Dang wish I had something for the Wagner. Nice hit on the Jim
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    Feel free to let me know if you have any
    J A Y A J A Y I

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    Hey Buddy!!! I Could REALLY Use That Dwayne Allen Card For My Colts PC. Have These Card's If Ya Could Use Any. If Not I Could Buy.

    '12 Prestige "Prestigous Picks" GU Jsy Ser#019/149 #10 Doug Martin

    '12 Topps Magic Mini 1948 #5 Doug Martin

    '12 Score #328 Doug Martin RC

    '12 Score "Hot Rookies" #10 Doug Martin

    '12 Leaf Draft #16 Doug Martin RC

    '12 Sage Hit #65 Doug Martin RC

    '12 Sage Hit #22 Doug Martin RC

    '12 Topps Chrome 1984 RC Reprint #22 Doug Martin

    '12 Topps Magic "Rookie Enchantment" #RE-DM Doug Martin

    Thanks, John

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    Nice hit on the McMahon!

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