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    Bored on Easter Weekend Trading - Low End/Mid End/High End!

    Here is a link to my bucket, please give it a look at PM me whatcha like. I'd love to trade up/sell off my low-end stuff.

    brandonlec's Library | Photobucket

    Just click to see the sub albums on the left side and explore away


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    There's a few I am very interested in- Mauer plate, Thome/Helton dual patch mainly, but possibly a few lesser cards as well. Please check me for them. I have lots of stuff not listed on that page too, so let me know if you don't see anything there- Thanks much!
    Supercollecting the Twins and Chris Herrmann
    Also collecting Justin Morneau, Michael Cuddyer, sets, Wild, North Stars
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    Hey please check my bucket for these (some basketball too). Might be willing to buy a couple of the higher end one's. Please lmk!

    Jose Reyes Jersey
    Prince Fielder Jersey

    Paul Pierce Jersey
    J.D Gibbons Rookie GU/Auto
    Glen Davis 1/1 Rookie Auto
    Kevin Garnet auto/patch /15

    Please lmk. Would only be willing to trade for the baseball but might be willing to do cash/trade or just cash for the basketball. Thanks! Happy early easter as well!
    Looking for 2012 National Treasures on card silver (/99) rated rookie autos, 2006 SP Legendary Cuts inserts/numbered base and most Mets auto/GU.
    Also looking for Celtics Autos/GU and 2012 Totally Certified Gold
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    Interested in the Bench /25. Please check me for it. Thanks
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    CMB for these:

    Brett Lawrie GU/Auto
    Dylan Bundy Green Ref
    Harper Die Cut
    Strasburg Ruby Red
    Darvish RC
    Jeter Gold
    Buster Posey RC
    Trout RC
    Please, no PWE trades! Send in bubble mailer as I do the same! Hidden Content
    Big on collecting Sandberg,Dawson,Dunston,K.Wood,Soler,Bryant,Schwar ber,Rizzo,Banks,B. Williams.
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    check my photobucket im interested in your Uggla and Griffey.
    Currently Looking For TENNIS CARDS, BENCHWARMER CARDS PM if you have any.
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    I'd be interested in the Griffey auto if it's available. CMB
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    Exceptionally interested in your 2012 Ginter stuff. Especially the 3 NNO minis, a handful of the relics, and the box topper. Don't need the Harper auto. Would prefer to trade if possible.
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