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    01-02 BAP Signature Series Set Complete

    I completed this set a couple years ago but thought I would show some of the rare cards on here. These are all the SP hard to find X numbered cards. Comments welcome.
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    Looking for 01-02, 02-03 BTP memorabilia

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    Awesome cards. I especially like the Messier. Congratulations on completing the whole set including these XSPs.
    Most Wanted: 1993-94 Stadium Club First Day #88 Brian Leetch,
    2006-07 ITG International Ice #108 Brad Park

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    Yes Messier was the last card I needed to complete the set too! Thanks for the comment!
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    Looking for 01-02, 02-03 BTP memorabilia

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    Congratulations on completing it and thanks for sharing the scans!

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