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    Please remind me to stay away from topps sterling

    A little peer pressure today got me to open a box of 2008 topps sterling. Started out nice, mystery pack was a mantle /50. Look at the inner box and it says frank Robinson. Right away I wasn't happy but figured he signs a lot so maybe I can get a low numbered auto. Open the box and the big $250 hit was a 4 piece gu card /10 and 3 base frank Robinson cards /250. Not very good. Selling the 4 robinsons $40 shipped Obo.

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    Damn peer pressure,sorry about the break better luck next time.
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    Pier pressure lead me to buy two pack of Topps Valor. $400 later, on my six autos, I don't even think they would bring me $40. Risk, less reward for sure. I tied one pack of Topps Sterling and hit Johnny Bench. Never liked Bench so it was a disappointment and like you it was only a game used, zip on the auto.

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    I am 0/2 on topps sterling. Don't think I will buy it again.

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    Wasn't this the Sterling that was so bad that they had to revamp it the following year? The first year of Sterling and the year after that weren't too bad but then it became AWFUL and they basically destroyed the brand's name.
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    Yeah. I forgot it was only one hit. 2010 at least had 2 hits in it.

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