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    Quote Originally Posted by Pheebs888 View Post
    I'm getting to these when I can guys, been working a lot these days and have a friend in the hospital waiting for a heart transplant...time on site has been limited.

    And of course, if one article is a rebuttal to another I will aim to post these around pretty much the same time.
    its fine, no big deal. hope ur friend pulls through
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    Thanks's touch and go really...waiting for a heart donor but can't find one and now there was so complications, she had water and blood in her lungs :(

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    If you PM me your friends name, even their first name, will have dad put them on his church's prayer list. 90 years old and still preaching every Sunday. Small congregation in Sonora Kentucky, about 15 people. God bless and will pray tonight for Pheebe's friend myself.
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    I added an entry.

    Best of luck for your friend!

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    Karine, just dropping a line saying thanks for all you do!
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    Thanks guys that means a lot. Katy got her heart transplant today and it went well :) There is still a chance that her immune system could reject the new heart as a foreign entity but fingers crossed! She's on the right track for now!

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    Here's another entry:

    Thanks all and keep them coming :)

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