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    Thanks for the contest, I'm in.

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    im in ty

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    I'll throw my hat in the ring...or I guess I mean I'll throw my hat in "The Hat"


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    this isn't an April Fools joke now is it? Im IN!!!! thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bostonfan46 View Post
    this isn't an April Fools joke now is it? Im IN!!!! thanks

    An excellent question! It's not a joke. :)

    If I was going to make it a joke, I'd be meaner about it... dangle a Crosby FWA RC or something, lol.
    Please stand by.

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    I'm in. It almost looks like he's lifting his arm to reach for his jaw. :)
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    I'm in, Thanks for the contest!
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    Also collecting Zack Kassian, Evander Kane, and Drew Brees.

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    I'll throw my hat into the ring.

    But if I win, I want this card donated to an SCF charity promotion, not sent to me.

    Plus, I hope that you make my team name in the mock tourney "Obstinate Beavers" as I'm not using that name this year for fantasy management.

    Will Trade in your Favour for: 2008-09 Between the Pipes Masked Men MM-26 (M.Turco)
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    would love a sid rc for my pc

    Please realize when making offers, that shipping in a bubble mailer isn't free!

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    Thanks for the great give-away....I'm in for sure!

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