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    The Final Four will feature...

    slufan83 vs. hugehitter31

    KD35Russ0 vs. Ray33

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    woo final four!!
    Players - Selanne, Scheifele, and PRIME COLORS
    Rookie Year - Michael Stone, Nik Ehlers
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    semi-final #1: slufan83 vs. hugehitter31

    Despite their best efforts, team slufan83 could not overcome the loss of their starting goaltender, who, just a few hours prior to the game, had to rush off to the hospital to join his wife for the birth of their second child... on behalf of his teammates, congratulations, but the timing couldn't have been worse... you're paying every round of golf for every player on the team for the rest of the summer.

    3-2, hugehitter31 advances with an OT win.

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    This is by far the closest I have been to a Crosby RC haha
    Players - Selanne, Scheifele, and PRIME COLORS
    Rookie Year - Michael Stone, Nik Ehlers
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    semi-final #2: KD35Russ0 vs. Ray33

    To say that there is some recent bad blood between these teams would be an understatement. After a series of difficult regular season losses to KD35Russ0, Ray33's captain decided to embark on his own plan for retaliation, found courting KD35Russ0's coach's... ummmm.... how should we put this... hot cougar wife... in the wee hours of the morning on several overnight getaways to Las Vegas. Only due to the work of TMZ reporters was the couple busted. The lingering possibility for these teams to meet in the post-season will definitely reflect these shady and dramatic events, rarely found in the hockey world *caugh* so publicly *caugh caugh*

    The hatred was evident immediately, as the opening faceoff saw a melee featuring several fights, and an errant puck fired high in the direction of Ray33's adultering captain. After 270 minutes in penalties and 50 minutes of delay, the game was finally underway. The team's exchanged goals for the first two periods, taking a 4-4 tie into the second overtime. With no scoring in the 3rd period, and with only 0:26 on the clock, KD354Russ0 defensive specialist, and unlikely hero, intercepted a pass and scored five-hole on the ensuing breakaway to seal a 5-4 victory for KD35Russ0 and a spot in the finals!!!

    The teams did not shake hands after the game, and the league fined all players and coaches on both teams.
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    The Finals... which has been copyrighted by the NBA, so I will have to call it.... The Crosby RC Tournament Concluding Match

    hugehitter31 vs. RD35Russ0

    There can only be one...

    Stay tuned, taking a 10 minute break to give some air time to our sponsors, who have overpaid for the right to show their products that you already know about anyways.

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    *cue the epic music... say... .the theme song from the original Planet of the Apes, you know, that one that Ric Flair uses... *

    The teams take to the ice for their pre-game warm-ups, shooting intimidating glances at each other as they do so.

    The anthems are played with fanfare and ceremony... taking an unnecessary 25 minutes to complete.

    Finally the puck drops...

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    1st period:

    a pair of goals, one for each side, the shots an even 12-12 after one period, and this is anyone's game folks...

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    Second Period.

    Where players dash, with skates aflash, the home team trails behind.
    But they grab the puck, and go bursting up, and they're down across the line.
    They storm the crease, like bumble bees, they travel like a burning flame.
    We see them slide, the puck inside, it's a 1-1 hockey game.

    thanks, Tom, but it's actually 3-3 after 2 periods in this championship game...

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    And in a delightful side-story that saw veteran winger, Brian LaBete, who is planning to retire at season's end, scoring a dramatic 3rd period goal for the win.... the WINNER of the Crosby Victory RC........

    hugehitter31 !!!

    Congratulations on your random selection, apparently you're even closer to that Crosby RC, and thank you to everyone who entered and who has taken the time to read along in this thread. Damn that was somewhat exhausting :P

    hugehitter, PM me, please. :)

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