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Thread: 2010 Bowman platinum blaster

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    2010 Bowman platinum blaster

    Found it at Toys R Us for 11.99 I'll list all,no great story about this box but here goes.

    Derek jeter 2

    Miguel Cabrera 4

    dustin pedroia 9

    hanley Ramirez 12

    buster posey rc 18

    ubaldo jimenez 19

    c.c.sabathia 21

    carlos Santana rc 23

    brian McCann 25

    kendry morales 30

    mark Teixeira 36

    Andrew mccutchen 39

    billy butler 59

    david Ortiz 65

    victor Martinez 67

    robinson cano 72

    tommy hanson 75

    carl Crawford 76

    zack greinke 82

    Vernon wells 84

    mike Stanton rc 86

    nick markakis 88

    matt cain 93

    Wilson ramos rc 99

    Chrome Prospect cards next.

    mike Trout pp5

    chris withrow pp21

    john lamb pp22

    Miguel sano pp28

    matt barnes pp30

    brian Johnson pp38

    Andrew maggi pp39

    nick Ramirez pp45

    And there you have it not a single insert but the Trout and the Posey will cover the 11.99.Thanks for the read take care Steve.
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    At least you got some good RC's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wrigleyfield View Post
    At least you got some good RC's.
    Yea that's the only thing to hang my hat on in this break.I didn't realize the odds to pull an auto are pretty decent 1 in 26 packs too bad they only had the 1.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

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    Decent break. Nice with the RCs
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    I'd take a trout any day.
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    I love 2010 platinum. A lot of decent prospects make their debut in that set. Wish I could find some around here still.

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    nice posey rc
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    Thanks guys and Brad this toys r us seems to be the only place by me to ever get this in,my other box was slightly better as it had a trout and an autograph of jonathan singleton.

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    My TRU sucks, they want $27.99 for $19.99 blasters, and the only clearance cards they ever have are cruddy rack packs, but I did pull one lone PC card from them(Jeter jersey card).
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