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    hmm, 01/50, i wonder by luck was this the only one they made?? id request a report from UD to figure out the actual amount that were made, u may have yourself a 1/1, ya never know!
    Because it's a sticker auto, I'm sure that they were able to put together all 50 of them. I did call them and they said that it is a card being used as a redemption replacement, so likely they'll be trickling out in the coming months as people request Habs autos as replacements for other stuff.
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    ahh yes makes sense
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    I don't see what the big deal is, any idiot can just walk into a card show on a Sunday afternoon and pick one up hahahahaaaaaa!!!!! PBBBBFT!
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    Always good to see things pop up that you thought you would never see, nice pickup

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    Congrats Richard, I know what a card like that means to your collection!!!!!
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