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    Wwe hot pack opening

    Just bought a hot pack and here's what's inside.
    and all are for sale as I completed the set.

    2012 wwe topps:

    Jerry lawler #67
    alex Riley. #73
    lilian Garcia #84
    punks top picks 9 of 10
    and for the relic!?
    the big show

    all are for sale

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    this cant really surprise you- hot packs are rigged to give the lowest end gu/autos possible
    Please realize when making offers, that shipping in a bubble mailer isn't free!

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    theres no way to rig a hot pack. half the time you dont know who you are going to pull. its easy to tell if a pack has a relic or an auto. but tricky to see who it is. and you only can in certain products. people sell hotpacks bc usually they dont put anything worth pulling in retail anyways. you would make more money of the pack its self then the card you pull.

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    Retail might be good this year for WWE. Topps added Printing Plates into retail packs.

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    yea and the odds are really low for pulling one. ive only seen 1 plate pack and a hand full of plates make it to ebay. even with the plates, youre more likely to get a nobody or midcarder before youll get punk or cena.

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    Thanks, Is their any interest in these?

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    Would you sell the card for card cash?

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    Sorry, I need the cash and can't do card cash

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