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    For Trade :) .....ANDRE DAWSON 2012 Prime Cuts Panini AUTO/GAME Worn 19/25

    If anybody is interested LMK, Thanks.

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    Please check out my Picasa (in my sig). :)
    I had my identity stolen in the summer of 2012. You may have seen some posts related to it. I've finally kind of gotten things resolved. I lost a LOT of money. I'm hoping to get back in to trading on SCF and selling some stuff as well. Thanks for being patient with me. Let's work out a deal!

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    Actually do you have any Chase utley autos, numbered?

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    I'm interested if I have anything in my trade lists you'd want for it.

    No longer shipping bubble envelopes to Canada
    I will still send a p.w.e if you want to trade

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    Please, no PWE trades! Send in bubble mailer as I do the same! Hidden Content
    Big on collecting Sandberg,Dawson,Dunston,K.Wood,Soler,Bryant,Schwar ber,Rizzo,Banks,B. Williams.
    MY BUCKET Hidden Content

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    I already traded it....Thanks for Looking though

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