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    Woman hit in face with HR at Chase Field while man jumps out of way;_ylv=3

    Heath Bell of the Arizona Diamondbacks gave up two home runs Tuesday night and nobody feels worse about it than Heath Bell. Except for the woman who was hit in the face with one of the home runs as her male companion presumably her husband cowered in fear and jumped out of the way.

    That's right, we got another ducker.

    In 2010, a woman's boyfriend infamously bailed as a foul ball came screaming at her. You remember Bo the Bailer! It would be nice if something like this happened only once every three years.

    Pete Kozma of the St. Louis Cardinals went deep against Bell in the seventh inning, some 420 feet away in left-center at Chase Field in Phoenix. As the ball came in hot, a female fan probably in her 20s turned her head and covered up to protect herself as she sat in her seat. Meanwhile, the man seated next to her sprung up, pulled his arms close to his own body, gave a goofy expression and jumped out of the way as the ball hit his companion in the face. In the face!

    As Cards' broadcaster Al Hrabosky put it:

    "Nice goin', boyfriend."
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    I was watching that on What a loser. Hope he slept on the couch.
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    Apparently neither one of them knows how to actually catch a baseball.

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    Hes not getting any for a while....
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    LOL...what a fool. Aren't guys supposed to protect our partners. This guy cis going to be sleeping alone for a while. Especially after the whole nation saw what he did. He is going to have it at work today.

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    I don't see many more live games in their future.
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