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    2 Blasters of 2010 Bowman Platinum

    Was at the LCS and he had these, was on the fence. Owner lowered the price a bit and so I had to say yes. Wife opened one, I opened the other. Will list mine first, then the wife's!


    Pack 1:
    Ryan Zimmerman
    Andrew Cashner RC
    Austin Jackson RC
    Mike Moustakas PP9

    Pack 2:
    Tommy Hanson
    Hanley Ramirez
    Derek Jeter
    Mike Minor PP18

    Pack 3:
    Brennan Boesch RC
    Prince Fielder
    Kevin Youkilis
    Hak-Ju Lee PP27

    Pack 4:
    David Wright
    Carlos Santana RC
    Mike Stanton RC
    Gerrit Cole PP32

    Pack 5:
    Josh Hamilton
    Dan Haren
    Ryan Howard
    Scott McCough PP41

    Pack 6:
    Torii Hunter
    Chris Coghlan
    Ryan Kalish RC
    Zach Britton PP7

    Pack 7:
    Cliff Lee
    Jake Arrieta RC
    Clayton Kershaw
    Brett Jackson PP16

    Pack 8:
    Daniel Nava RC
    Brad Lincoln RC
    Martin Prado
    Donavan Tate PP24

    Wife's Box next...

    Pack 1:
    Buster Posey RC
    Robinson Cano
    Dustin Pedroia
    Slade Heathcott PP17

    Pack 2:
    Madison Bumgarner RC
    Shin-Soo Choo
    Ike Davis RC
    Lonnie Chisenhall PP11

    Pack 3:
    Felix Doubront RC
    Adrian Gonzalez
    Logan Morrison RC
    Ryan Wright PP50

    Pack 4:
    Mugiel Cabrera
    Victor Martinez
    Billy Butler
    Jerry Sands PP1

    Pack 5:
    Peter O'Brien PP44
    Pablo Sandoval
    Vladimir Guerrero
    Jon Lester

    Pack 6:
    J.P. Arencibia RC
    Jose Tabata RC
    Troy Tulowitzki
    Dustin Ackley PP6

    Pack 7:
    Chipper Jones
    Hunter Pence
    Gordon Beckham
    Nolan Fontana PP35

    Pack 8:
    Justin Upton
    Jered Weaver
    Evan Longoria

    Oh. And this guy.

    Jackie Bradley Jr. PP31

    No refractors, no color, no autos, no nothing. Other than some decent rookies. But no Trout or Strausburg. I figured my wife would pull both Trout and Strausburg autos. She tends to do things like that. But alas. Still, her box trumps the snot out of mine.

    Everything is FT/FS.
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    Seems a lot like the box I picked up the other day,I did get a Trout and some decent rookies but no inserts whatsoever and yes the Wife's box was better.
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    Not too shabby. You pulled several prospects I need for my set. What are you looking for in trade? Do you have a want/need list?


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