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    WTB autos from several sets

    I am working on all of these sets, looking for any help I can get. Please let me know what you have, along with a price. For those who don't wish to ship to Canada, I can provide an American address.

    1) 2009 Panini Famed Signatures (only need Cousy)

    2) 2010 National Treasures Hall of Fame Signatures

    3) 2011 Limited Retired Numbers

    4) 2009 Panini Hall of Fame Monikers

    5) 2000 Legendary Signatures

    6) 2007 Chronology (any autos)

    7) 2012 Panini Hall Marks
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    Bumping this one for the weekend.

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    Let's try again today, still need lots of help.

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    Bumping this one, been a while.

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