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Thread: Rather Upsetting

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    Stick with it if it's something you and your son enjoy doing. My youngest daughter has gotten into card collecting and i must say it has engerized my interest in collecting alot. No card shops near by me either so we open alot of retail packs/blaster boxes but we like to set build so it's all good. Just the enjoyment on her face when she see's an Angels card is enough for me. We all would like to have the high dollar cards i'm sure but i know our budget doesn't allow for it probably like alot of other traders doesn't either but it doesn't take away our interest. Collect what/who you want and have fun with it and enjoy the time you and your son has while your doing it. I like the idea of getting our kids into collecting and hope everyone with kids will try to do. Lmk what all you guys collect and maybe we can make a trade sometime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Srman77 View Post
    Just reading everybody's posts here, and I agree with alot of what's being said as far as sticking with the hobby. Bravesfan, the hobby has changed over the years. There's no doubt on that. The internet has made it good and bad in different respects. The internet and forums like this help bring the collecting community together as whole. It's made the access of finding people with the same interested easier to meet. That being said. there are those who are for lack of a better term "snobs" in the hobby who won't even consider trading with you unless you have an autographed Gamed-Used Quaddruple color patch card that's numbered 1 of 1 and they're only going to trade a low end game used card in return for it.

    I've been back in trading for a few years now, and yes there are those as you called them big hitters or as I call them snobs that make the hobby somewhat unpleasant at times. I like to think and feel though that there are more people out there like myself who collect for fun, and no trade is too small to make. I'd rather make a small deal and enjoy the hobby and getting to know people from different places that be a collecting snob and rarely trade or have fun doing it.
    As jayohhessaych said not all of us drive Bentleys. Just try to enjoy the hobby with your kid. Don't let those few snobs push you away from collecting with your son.
    I agree, with Srman, all the way, Not all of us could afford, a mike trout, Red ice auto, it's all about the fun of the hobby, think about..Opening afew packs, and getting a surprise, I recently, hit a 1/1 Marc Karuss, Printing plate, I was dancing like a little girl lol don't know him but sure was a fun hit.. and as for me, I love small trades, doing base for base is always fun going to the post office and getting ur cards in the mail, enjoy collecting with ur son. cuz u will never forget the memories of him getting his first hit!

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    There are always going to be people with more money than you. Unless you are the richest person in the world it is going to happen. The best thing to do is enjoy life and spend what you can that makes you happy and not worry about what others want or what pleases them. Remember it is YOUR hobby so do what makes YOU happy and you will always enjoy it.
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    Set collectors are a minority now, especially on here. Not to knock SCF, but I'm also in another group which is mostly retired guys who are primarily set builders. I get a lot more trading over there. I like SCF, but there seem to be a lot of mojo hunters and prospectors, who can do what they want, but are hard for me to trade with...

    There are also a fair number of blog sites by set collectors that I know of.
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    OP---Send me a private message with your address.....I have a few cards that you and your son can have---I think a few people will find them tradeworthy and it will add to your Game Used/AUTO stuff.

    All I ask in return is that you and your son just have fun collecting and not worry about all the stuff other people have and show off all the remember, a lot of times people only post showing off what their big hit was and not post the 30 boxes/100s of packs prior that they didnt pull anything.


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    @LoQtus any chance you can pm me with the info for that group you speak of? I'm really into set building as well and would love to get in contact with others who are into it.

    @OP same as teck said, I'm happy to help out. Shoot me a pm with your addy and I'll send over some trade bait stuff as well!
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    I'm a college student living in my own apartment. I never buy boxes. I spend about $30 here and there for decent autos every so often and focus mostly on my Daniel Hudson collection, which doesn't cost that much for the most part, but I love it anyway. You just have to find what's in your budget and just enjoy it. The only time I go crazy with expensive cards is when I get my tax refund. What else would I spend it on? Lol.

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    Hello, fellow Braves fan!

    I recently started to collect with my father about a year or so ago. It was the one thing that developed the MUCH needed opportunity for bonding I was seeking. I am 16 years of age and while I am not ignorant to sports trivia, I'm willing to bet that in the whole city of Mobile, Alabama; a HUGE sports city, my Step-dad might debatably know the most about sports.

    He grew up in a family that revolved around sports. His father was best friends with a retired UGA Headcoach, His cousin was an assistant to Florida's ex Defensive coordinator, and his older brother does the local talk show on the 'Aints. I, on the other hand, had no clue about anything on sports until 9 or so years ago.
    My dad and I never had the best of relationships. We were just different, thick-headed males that bumped heads too often then we should have.
    I give credit to this Hobby for saving my relationship with my father when it was on it's last leg.

    Entering this hobby, it was overwhelming. Prices for cardboard was a little far-fetched in our eyes as the majority will tell you. We learned quickly that this was a HOBBY. We began to come to the realization that we were in this for a good time. We began looking in the aisles of supermarkets picking up blasters of our favorite products. Ours happened to be Heritage due to the nostalgia. In football we our collecting '11 Sweet Spot helmet autographs. They're both one of the cheapest products offered.

    One thing to keep in mind is that currently the hobby is aimed towards adult, avid sports enthusiasts and children are not focused on. However, I have a feeling this is beginning to change with Topps making commercials for low-end products aimed at kids.

    If anything just remember, at the end of the day, the most important thing is to have a fun time. Spending time with my father through this hobby changed my outlook on situations in a positive way and cards will be near and dear to me for years to come.

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    ...I feel you daughter is 9 y/o and I started taking her to some ball games last year here in San Diego. We caught about a dozen games or so, tix are pretty cheap for Padres games.
    We started a Padres collection for her and she gets a big kick out of trying to get them signed at the games.

    Then for some reason last November, I bought 50,000 cards from some guy for $150, mostly from 1981 to 1992. My collection was about 25,000 cards back then. I am still sorting them !

    The hobby has changed for good and bad. Everything now is game used and chrome and refractors, etc. That's maybe how the hobby stays alive....who knows.

    My goal is simple to finish all the base sets from Topps from 1951-present. And the Donruss and Fleer from 1981-1992 that I am also currently working on.

    The best thing about the hobby now is everything is cheap and there is lots of room to haggle with prices if you are buying. I am trying to trade some of this 50,000 card inventory I purchased
    to keep my costs down and without the internet it would be difficult to find people that are willing to trade with you.

    What I don't like about the site is that I will pull cards out of my collection for some ones want list and then you never hear back from them. There are a lot of guys also, dealers perhaps, that want your rookie and star cards and only want to give you worthless commons in return.

    Well gotta go, Have tix for todays Padres game against the Marlins....

    Good Luck and hang in there


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    Quote Originally Posted by yazfan71 View Post
    Well, after raising 4 kids there is one thing I know for a certainty, their interests change. Both of my boys, who are now 20 & 18 used to love collecting cards & memorabilia of their favorite players, but neither one of them have even looked at their cards for 6-7 years now. I doubt that either one even remember that they have collections. One day, they may want to get back into it & if that day comes, they will still have their collections that I put back for them. If not, they will at least find them when they go through everything when I pass away.

    Pretty much everyone that has kids has to be on a budget, & hobbies are the last thing on the priority list when it comes to spending your money on something. If you truly enjoy this hobby as just a hobby & want to stay in it then I recommend you set a focus to your collecting & stick with it. If you do that & get excited about every little piece no matter what it is worth & show your son that you are excited about it, then he may get that way as well.

    As far as the internet having a negative impact on the hobby, I would have to strongly disagree. It all depends on how you use it. In February, I received one of the best additions to my PC for free because of the internet & my perseverance.

    Maybe they'll come back to it. I'm sure girls are more on their minds now. I started when I was 8 years old until about 14........I took a break and came back to it at about 22 until 29, then took another break until I was 50..........and my daughter just started at 8 years old.....and the cycle continues

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