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    Playbook: Pead on, then Engrews again!!! Enough

    I had posted when I broke the Brock Osweiler Playbook box that was it for 2012 football season, but came up with some extra and then thought I would give Playbook one more try.

    All I can say is I got Pead on, then SR-Egnewed again but with my luck, (not Andrew) I should have seen Egnew coming my way.

    Busted a total of five boxes:



    # 2/6


    Those two above are about as plain jane as you can get.

    Now to the Pead and Egnew:

    Question: Does anyone know if these are Booklet Silver cards? Reason I ask is the last of this post:

    Pead #149


    When we saw the Dolphins logo we thought it might be Tannehill, but sadly no.

    Now to the best two cards of break, sadly one was a redemption but I will wait on it:


    First Witten auto I have ever pulled so very pleased.

    Now to the final card and the reason I asked about the Pead and Egnew cards


    Rookie Booklet SILVER:

    Player: RUSSELL WILSON!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the box with the Wilson it was the only booklet card as their was redemption for Tommy Streeter and two jersey cards. Steve McNair and a Mammoth jersey of Doug Martin.

    Okay, now I am done for 2012.
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    ouch on the auto's but awesome Hillman!
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    Cool looking break. Patches look pretty good, too bad it's Egnew.
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    I think that pead is a rookie booklet silver. So your wilson should be the same
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    Not sure what those cards are called but they are great looking cards! If the Wilson is one of those, that could be a great card! Hopefully they give ya a nice patch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbluebanshee View Post
    I think that pead is a rookie booklet silver. So your wilson should be the same
    Thanks for the info. Sure hoping it is the same with a quality patch

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    Also not a golf fan or collector, but that avatar is amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MCXC1987 View Post
    Also not a golf fan or collector, but that avatar is amazing!
    Thanks! I went to the local hoping to pull a Tiger or Jordan auto. Didn't hit either one, but sure CAN NOT complain about pulling what I consider one of the best cards of 2012 SP Game Used golf.

    Thanks for noticing the avatar!

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    Well i'd be interested in the PEAD!
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