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    Getting a Game Worn jersey signed...

    Mods, if you feel the need to move this to the memorabilia board, have at it. I just thought I would get more advice here, especially from hockey fans.

    As you may or may not know, I recently picked up Saku Koivu's 1000th game jersey. It turns out, by a stroke of luck, he's doing a private signing here in Edmonton in a couple weeks, and I have an opportunity to get it signed. I've always been torn when it comes to the "sign/dont sign game worn jerseys" arguement, so Im just looking for some opinions.

    I think if you're a general game worn collector, (you have too much money!), but I could see the arguement for staying away from sigs. It wasn't signed when he wore it, etc. This, however, is the crown jewel of my entire collection. I probably wont buy more game worn stuff, and its the single last thing I would sell if I had to sell off anything I've collected over the years. So personally, it would mean more to me to have him sign it, maybe date it with his 1000th game date, and know that a big fan has it on his wall. im just looking for opinions....

    1- "To Adam, Best wishes/thanks for the support/etc, Saku Koivu"

    2 - "Saku Koivu, 1000th game, March 12, 2012"

    3 - Dont sign it at all.

    Im leaning toward the second option, any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Adam - personally, I HATE autos on gamers. In fact, I'm trying to get two removed. If you want it to be autographed, I suggest you do it on the inside of the jersey - behind the crest, on the fight strap, on a hem
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    Just as phildo37 said. Its the best way to keep the value. But as a personal item you dont plan on selling. Then #2 would be cool. And if your certain youll never sell. A combo of #1&#2. So good luck and cant wait to see it.
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    I have ONE NHL game-worn Meigray blah-blahed, a 04/05 Rangers with a bonus 05/06 patch too.........and I wore it to work today :D

    If I ever met Jamie Lundmark, I'd get him to sign it. That Koivu is YOURS, who cares about re-sale "value"

    That said, I have no problem "ruining" a OPC Guy Lafleur RC with an autograph, so I might be a little biased.........

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    Phildo, why do you want the sigs removed? Just curious....

    Sluggo, Klavalla, JD4short, thanks for the advice. I'm really torn here, because it's like my ultimate piece of memorabilia, and it'll be the centre of my collection forever. I don't care about resale at all. If I just get it signed without personalizing, it fits my collects, and looks nice, but I have no personal connection to it. If he signs it to me, then it's my favorite player's 1000th jersey, signed to me, which is something personal and awesome. But I'm afraid that I might eventually regret it. Haha, I shouldn't be stressing out over this like I am!
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    It's tooo bad it's a private signing, or you could get a pic with him wearing it and then a pic with you wearing it........THAT would be the personal connection eh?

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    Get him to sign it and frame that badboy and get him to inscribe #2 option above it will leave resale as its not personalized and add more value with the inscription "1000th career game"
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    I offered to pay a ton to go in and get a pic, but no dice haha
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    Go with option 2. My own personal opinion it makes it better to have the signature, and on a side note if you tell him it was his game worn jersey for his 1000th game he may strike up a conversation with you, and be curious about it, so who knows he may hold everything up, and put it on. You just never know what kind of sentiment he may have towards it. And yeah don't stress, enjoy the memory of this opportunity!!

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