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    Thumbs up Panini Redemption Replacements - Panini Rocks!

    Just got an Email from Panini's Customer Service Manager regarding a few replacements, mainly due to "bad signers"
    He basically asked me who/what I collect and I sent him a link to my PC players. (mainly 49ers and Stanford players)

    These were the cards being replaced:

    2012 Elite TOTC RC Auto Michael Smith /399
    2011 Limited Materials Phenoms RC Marcell Dareus /299
    2011 Crown Royale Die Cut Prime Materials Signature Demarco Murray /50
    2011 National Treasures RC Signature Materials Julio Jones /49

    Now for what I'm getting as replacements:

    2012 Absolute RPM NFL Signatures Coby Fleener #235/299

    2012 Prime Signatures Coby Fleener #151/199

    2012 Prime Signatures Rookie Prime Materials Signature Coby Fleener #1/99

    2012 R&S Rookie Prime Material Signatures Andrew Luck #12/49 (Jersey #)

    All I can say is WOW. Big thanks to Panini for hooking me up with these sweet PC cards.
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    Looking for Terrelle Pryor, Andrew Luck, and Russell Wilson Autos

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    Awesome replacements!
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    Looking to add to this:
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    As long as the Luck "Prime" isn't a single color white swatch, you hit the jackpot!

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    Just got the package from Fed-Ex. Scanning pics now

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    That is an awesome replacement
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    Awesome replacement, congrats!

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    incredible replacements!


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