I have these newer cards and I will be adding the older stuff I found when I get back from the store, plmk if you have interest in anything and I'll get a scan up for you, I have no idea of bv's or sv's on baseball stuff so I will do a combination of average ebay prices and SCF members with enough experience that I feel comfortable taking their word for whatever the cards in question are, here is whats typed up so far, the majority is older stuff that I will list when I get back from the store


2013 Topps 'Chasing History Relic~6-Hit Cycle' Ian Kinsler GU jsy #CHR-IK (grey jsy)


2013 Jake Odorizzi RC #232


2013 Topps 'Mini' Jered Weaver #3
2013 Yu Darvish #11 (has Topps All-Star Rookie Cup in bottom left corner)
2013 Topps Emerald Green Neftali Feliz parallel #30