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    Jorge Soler charges opposing dugout with bat

    Bleed Cubbie Blue reported that Daytona was leading 9-7, and top prospect Jorge Soler was on first base. On a ground ball, Soler and Clearwater second baseman Carlos Alonso made contact as Alonso wheeled on a double play. Soler and Alonso jawed at each other while both benches cleared. The fight didn't turn physical at that point, but it did momentarily thereafter.

    Soler grabbed a bat from his dugout and raced toward the Clearwater bench. Cubs player Javier Baez and hitting coach Mariano Duncan hauled Soler back into his own dugout. Initial reports indicated that Soler hit the walls of the dugout with the bat, but more recent reports have removed that aspect of the story. No video has yet surfaced of the fight; contact us if you have it.
    I would imagine he will be suspended for quite some time following this incident.

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    This sucks to hear happening. I hope it was a one time incident and he is not going to be the next Milton Bradley...
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    Roid rage?
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