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    $100 for the Best Card Tonight.

    Have paypal ready for real nice stuff. Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall are a plus along with other Bears.

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    10 SPx Winning Materials Marshall patch x/199... $18. takes ina toploaded PWE.

    and CMS
    Need N. MacKinnon, Suh/Stafford/Calvin Johnson/Denard Robinson/Barry Sanders/Reilly Reiff/ newer Red Wings/ Top rcs from Champs/ pre-1976 Sabres/Wings/Lions/Pistons.
    Fb list is: Hidden Content scans are in Picassa album= Hidden Content Salespage is: Hidden Content

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    No thanks, Looking for High End

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    This Beautiful Andrew Luck on card Auto /99! for just $95 paypal goods dlvd!

    lmk, thanks

    I Like: Russell Wilson, 49ers, Alfred Morris.

    My Bucket: Hidden Content

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