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    omg. this weeks contest should have been title "ITG Superlative Famous Fabrics Emblems"

    just unreal patch there!

  2. 2bros - Exclusive 1 (2/19) - Moved 4/25
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    IF watermarked w/ my screen name doesn't serve the same purpose of a handwritten ID then you'll have to excuse my entry:

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    since I definitely can't beat any of the ones up here, and I'm not officially competing anyway, I'll throw a few up
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    2 more days to get your entries in!

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    I consider this being a killer eagle...

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    I cannot compete with the bear or the orca or the eagle or the shark, plus it's 4 hours after the deadline........

    So I give you all The Shat..............

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    No more Keslers, thanks

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