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    Question Did anybody see the movie "42" this weekend?

    If so what did you think of it?
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    I was going to go see it with my baseball team, but they changed the time and i couldn't go, I'm so mad

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    Haven't seen it yet, but am really looking forward to it.
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    I am going to see it eventually, I have heard that it is a good movie but that it did not go in to enough of Jackie Robinson's story.
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    I saw it on opening night & thought it was a very good movie. I do think that they kind of "sugar coated" it a bit, because I know that what he went through must have been hell. It is definitely one that I will buy when it comes out on blu-ray.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyersFan View Post
    I am going to see it eventually, I have heard that it is a good movie but that it did not go in to enough of Jackie Robinson's story.
    Watch "The Jackie Robinson Story", which is on MLB Network occasionally. It was shot in 1950, staring the man himself.

    It's definitely a 1950's movie, but it goes into his time at UCLA, his contemplating leaving college early to find a job, his struggle finding employment that was not just "a living" (his brother was doing street cleaning at night). The majority of the film focuses on his time in Montreal, and the discrimination he faced from his own coach, some of the players, etc. It ends as the Dodgers win the National League pennant.

    It's not real long, about 90 minutes iirc (compared to the 2 hours + most movies are now). I'm a big Jackie Robinson fan, so I found it fascinating.
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    I think is a DVD type movie and not a theater. I can wait.

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    When are people going to acknowledge the man who really broke the color barrier in baseball?

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