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    Cool guru - LIVE BREAK!!! 2 boxes of 2012 National Treasures football!

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    good luck, hopefully I see lots of later!

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    Box #1

    Rookie Patch Autographs (RPA) Gold Parallels
    Nick Toon 3 color Saints Logo Patch RC Auto #'d 46/49

    Rookie Patch Autographs (RPA)
    Kendall Wright 3 color Patch RC Auto #'d 29/99

    Virtuoso Signatures
    Darren McFadden on-card Auto #'d 16/25

    Rookie Autographs
    Jeff Demps RC Auto #'d 71/99
    Bruce Irvin RC Auto #'d 31/99

    NFL Gear Triple Materials - Prime Parallel
    Doug Martin Ball / 2 color Patch #'d 1/25

    NFL Gear Dual Materials
    Robert Griffin III Ball / Jersey #'d 3/75

    Century Legend Materials
    Mark Duper GU Jersey #'d 23/25

    Century Materials
    Andy Dalton GU Jersey #'d 12/99

    Century Legends Parallels
    Marcus Allen #'d 19/25

    Legends Base
    Tiki Barber #'d 27/99

    Brandon Lloyd #'d 84/99
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    Box #2

    Rookie Patch Autographs (RPA) - Gold Parallels
    Trent Richardson 2 color Patch RC Auto #'d 49/49

    Rookie Autographs - Gold Parallels
    James Hanna RC Auto #'d 44/49

    Colossal Matrerials Signatures Prime Gold Parallels
    Santana Moss 3 color Jumbo GU Patch Auto #'d 6/10

    Colossal Materials
    Elvis Dumervil Jumbo Pro-Bowl Jersey #'d 4/75

    Century Legend Material Signatures
    Dan Fouts GU Jersey Auto #'d 15/25

    Century Material Signatures
    Sean Lee Gu Jersey Auto #'d 14/25

    Century Legend Materials - Prime Gold Parallels
    Amani Toomer 2 color GU Patch #'d 27/49

    Century Materials - Prime Gold Parallels
    Knowshon Moreno GU Patch #'d 45/49

    Century Materials
    Demaryius Thomas GU Jersey #'d 30/99

    Century Legends Parallels
    Tony Dorsett #'d 2/25

    Legends Base
    Paul Krause #'d 33/99

    Tim Tebow #'d 78/99
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    Pics added to the OP.

    Also, I added pics from the cards I got in a group break on Blowout. (Colts & Packers)
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    great looking stuff!


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    Quote Originally Posted by WVcoltsfan View Post
    great looking stuff!
    Thanks, I was happy with it.
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