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    Thumbs up guru - LIVE BREAK!!! 4 boxes of 2013 Topps Tribute baseball!

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    Box #1

    Tribute Signatures - BLUE Parallels
    Carlton Fisk on-card Auto #'d 26/50
    Tim Raines Auto redeption #'d/50

    Tribute Signatures
    Juan Marichal on-card Auto #'d 8/99

    Prime Patches Relic
    Wade Boggs 4 color GU Patch #'d 14/24

    Tribute to the Stars Relics - RED Parallels
    Chipper Jones 3 color GU Patch #'d 5/10

    Tribute to the Stars Relics
    David Freese GU Jersey #'d 33/99

    Base - ORANGE Parallels
    Yoenis Cespedes #'d 39/50

    Base - GREEN Parallels
    Ted Williams #'d 63/75

    Base - BLUE Parallels
    Adam Jones #'d 91/99

    Noteable Base Cards
    Yoenis Cespedes
    Manny Machado RC
    Sandy Koufax
    Lou Gehrig
    Nolan Ryan
    Ted Williams
    Stan Musial
    Albert Pujols
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    that is a heck of a start for box one 5 really nice all timers
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    Box #2

    Tribute Signatures
    Brett Jackson on-card Auto #'d 6/35
    Kenny Lofton on-card Auto #'d 74/99
    Jean Segura on-card Auto #'d 19/99

    Tribute to the Stars Relics - ORANGE Parallels
    Andre Ethier GU Jersey #'d 11/50

    Retired Remnants Relics
    Ken Griffey Jr. 2 color GU Jersey #'d 15/99

    Superstar Swatches Relic
    Aroldis Chapman Dual GU Jersey #'d 29/99

    Base - GOLD Parallels
    CC Sabathia #'d 10/25

    Base - BLUE Parallels
    Roberto Clemente #'d 82/99

    Noteable Base Cards
    Roberto Clemente
    Derek Jeter
    Buster Posey
    Yu Darvish
    Ryne Sandberg
    Aroldis Chapman
    Bryce Harper
    Willie Mays
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    Looks like a great start so far
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    If your looking to get rid of the chipper... please let me know... that would be a great birthday gift to myself!
    Sorry... "Lower than ebay" makes no sense when 1 card went for $4 and the rest go for $30+
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    Box #3

    Tribute Signatures - ORANGE Parallels
    Brett Lawrie on-card Auto #'d 4/15

    Tribute Signatures - GOLD Parallels
    Paul Goldschmidt on-card Auto #'d 5/25

    Tribute Signatures
    Will Middlebrooks on-card Auto #'d 74/99

    Commemorative Cuts Relic - BLUE Parallels
    Josh Hamilton GU Jersey #'d 32/50 (jersey number)

    Tribute Transitions Dual Relics
    Cecil Fielder dual GU Bat #'d 21/99

    Tribute to the Stars Relic - GREEN Parallels
    Evan Longoria GU Bat #'d 6/40

    Base - GREEN Parallels
    Matt Cain #'d 36/75

    Noteable Base Cards
    Frank Thomas
    Rickey Henderson
    Joey Votto
    Babe Ruth
    Chipper Jones
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    Box #4

    Tribute Signatures - PURPLE Parallels
    Yasmani Grandal on-card Auto #'d 1/1

    Tribute Signatures - BLUE Parallels
    Scott Diamond on-card Auto #'d 31/50

    Tribute Signatures
    Mark Trumbo on-card Auto #'d 65/99

    Superstar Swatches Dual Relic - GOLD Parallels
    Joe Mauer dual GU Jersey #'d 13/15

    Superstar Swatches Dual Relics - BLUE Parallels
    Adrian Beltre dual GU Jersey #'d 47/50

    Superstar Swatches Dual Relics
    Adrian Gonzalez dual GU Jersey #'d 24/99

    Base - ORANGE Parallels
    Roy Halladay #'d 4/50

    Base - BLUE Parallels
    Lou Gehrig #'d 18/99

    Noteable Base Cards
    Dylan Bundy RC
    Ken Griffey Jr.
    Cal Ripken Jr.
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    pics added to the OP.
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