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    Star & Goalie Autograph Bulk Lot Of 50 Cards Iginla, Koivu, Perry, Richards, Thornton

    Like the title says this is a Bulk Star & Goalie Autograph Card Lot!!! Their are 50 card in the lot and are of all namely player and very nice cards + as and added bonus I am adding a Jersey Autograph numbered /10!!!
    I am looking to get $2.00 per card so it would be
    $100 for the lot of 50
    Here are some pictures:

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    Up to the top!

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    This lot is the only one still available :)

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    Bump it up!!!

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    Bump it up!!!

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    Bump it up TTT!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by camr14 View Post
    can you come down at all?
    I would like to get my asking price please Camr14. Thanks :)

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