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    Remember When the Habs Were Good?

    What is going on with this team? Ever since they clinched a playoff spot they've been utter garbage.

    I know I've said all season that I've been waiting for a slump or something bad to happen .... Well, here it is I guess.

    Better now than the first week of May I guess.
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    This week has been brutal for Habs fans. Going from last to where they are now is a huge improvement. However, watching them play Pittsburgh, it is very obvious they are still missing quite a bit to be a Stanley Cup contender.
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    i knew thered be a thread started about this eventually lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kessel_fan_87 View Post
    i knew thered be a thread started about this eventually lol
    Kinda like waiting since 1967!
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    I have sieves in my kitchen that leak less that Price has the last three outings. His goals against is what, like 8.00 ? And Budaj hasn't fared much better.
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    Dunno Bob, maybe they're experimenting? The Canucks go through spells, Vigneault makes up some weirdo line combinations, it looks like a mess out there but at the end of the year they're in the playoffs. And anything can happen after that........losing Game 7 of the Final or Game 5 of the 1st round for instance. Yessir, nothing beats 40+ years of losing here on the west coast.........
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    If they had put up three stinkers in a row, in mid-February..... you'd be saying it doesn't matter, it's only a few games, they've played well all year, and will bounce back.

    Not a whole lot different than the Toronto Blue Jays.... if RA Dickey pitches a total of 3 awful games this year, but 30(ish) reasonably good ones, then everything is fine with him. That he pitched two bad ones right at the start of the season becomes meaningless, if that's how things shake out. Nobody would blink at a 14-3 record, but they do at 0-2.

    Price is in the same boat, except this bad games have come late in the season. He's played great all season, has excelled under pressure at every other level he's ever played at, so I wouldn't be overly concerned. He'll be fine in the playoffs.

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    I remember 1974 vividly. 1992 was not based on being good, but still go the job done. There are more than 75% of members on this Hockey Thread that weren't alive the last time the Habs "Were Good"
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    A fun bit of perspective, to help fellow fans rise above the mini-quagmire.

    The 1993 Habs lost their last seven regular season games.

    The 1986 Habs staggered into the playoffs, winning only 5 of their final 16 games.

    Things turned out all right those years.

    It sucks on a night-to-night basis, but keep fixated on the bigger picture - this team has the mechanics to be a good squad that has EARNED their play in the Eastern Conference standings through tenacity, dedication, and hard work. They've got too many solid pieces in place for things to be bad on a prolonged basis.
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    Here's hoping for TML/Habs meeting in the first round! I don't see Boston falling to 4th.... Maybe then there will be a Leafs/habs meeting you care about Richard haha.
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