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    I'm buying bobbleheads

    I need some new bobbleheads on my desk. I have a Randy Johnson D-Backs SGA from '07 and an ARod.Rangers that I can offer up for trade.

    I'd like any of these:
    Any Detroit players
    Ichiro (M's)
    Jordan (baseball 1st, any bkb team)
    Dr. J

    Just leave a list. I'll look at any list.

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    I have these for sale or possible trade in my thread. I am looking to trade for thought are autographed ROMLB's. I can work on the prices depending on what youd be interested in. LMK..

    Sean Casey $22.00 delivered

    Adam Dunn $24.00 delivered

    Aaron Harang $20.00 delivered

    Edinson Volquez $16.00 delivered

    Tom Browning $22.00 delivered

    If someone is interested in all 5 I could do $70.00 delivered.
    Supercollecting Todd Frazier (Cincinnati Reds)
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    I've got some interest in the Casey. Any trade ideas?

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    Do you have any autographed baseballs youd be interested in trading (doesnt have to be Reds) ? Also could do for certain Reds autograph cards ?
    Supercollecting Todd Frazier (Cincinnati Reds)
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    Saw your post from months ago.....are you still interested in trading bobbleheads? I have a Shaquille O'Neal from the Cleveland Cavaliers SGA 2009 still in the box.

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