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    FORSALE- graded rookies-(KSA and others)-

    looking to move afew KSA graded rookies,


    PROS and prospects-00/01-ud-#111-willie mitchell,= $15.00-DVLD.

    KSA-(8 NMM)-97/98-zenith-rc -#99-alex tanguay=$30.00-DVLD-OBO.

    KSA-(9.5-NGM)-95/96-ud rc-#530-JOSE THEDORE=$30.00-DVLD-OBO,

    KSA-(9.5-NGM)-96/97-ud rc-#370-joe thornton=$40.00-DVLD-OBO,

    KSA-(9.5-NGM)-90/91-opc premier-#74-mike modano=$40.00-DVLD-OBO.

    KSA-(9-MINT)-88/89-opc-rc-#122- brendan shanahan=.....

    ok thanks for the view..
    AC/DC-new album-ROCK or BUST-DEC-2 =Hidden Content

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    up for the night crew..
    AC/DC-new album-ROCK or BUST-DEC-2 =Hidden Content

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