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    2011 In The Game ser 2 Hobby box.

    Bought lots of stuff for my first week back at work after my heart attack.I will list this one tonight as it's only 5 cards,tomorrow I'm off so I'll list the rest.

    james harris lumbergraphs l-jhar supposed print run of 100

    trayvon robinson autograph silver version full body version supposed print run of 390 a-tro

    Addison maruszak autograph silver version close up version a-am2 supposed print run of 190

    cesar puello autograph silver version full body version a-cp supposed print run of 390

    randal grichuk between the seams autograph red bts-rg supposed print run of 30,wish it was a better player but still a cool card.

    For 29.99 with price match at Walmart can't complain too much.Thanks for the read take care Steve.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

    Let us Pray.Hidden Content

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    Hope your recovery is going well and nice break-also nice to have you back on the Forum!!

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    nice to see you back breakin buddy!

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    Thanks guys after I drop my son off at school tomorrow I have a bunch of blasters to catch up on

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