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Thread: is this a quick sale?

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    is this a quick sale?

    Gonna try this "quick sale thing. Hope it works, will list more and more till they are gone. Please dont me me list them on ebay. Im sick of paying fees every month!

    First card 1957 topps chrome doug martin RC auto $38 DLVD - Sold
    Next one 2012 Supreme Alfred morris # 38/40 $10 DLVD
    Topps chrome SP variation auto Brandon weeden $35 DLVD
    Kyle rudolph limited auto $12 DLVD
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    ill take it
    Stepfan Taylor Super Collector

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    Quote Originally Posted by #1roethfan View Post
    ill take it
    That was faster than expected! will post it now. and add another card

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    another 1 Topps chrome brandon weeden RC SP variation auto 35 DLVD

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    2012 fleer retro gems red Dan Fouts $7 DLVD #/100

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    not quick sale enough? wanna name your own price?

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    I could do 8 on the Morris....let me know what you think......
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    Quote Originally Posted by mess0312 View Post
    I could do 8 on the Morris....let me know what you think......
    can you meet me at 9 DLVD?

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