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    2013 Topps Box and 2 Packs of Tribute

    Went to my LCS in Jersey to check out what he had wound up getting a box of Series 1 and Two packs of Tribute at a pretty good price. Heres the results:
    2013 Series 1 hits:

    Camo /99- Adam Eaton 1/99

    Relic- Chasing History Jared Weaver Jersey (White)

    2 Tribute Packs
    A. Dawson
    J. Bautista
    T. Williams
    C. Sale
    G. Carter
    M. Teixeira
    Y. Darvish

    Blue /99:
    A. Chapman 70/99

    Dave Kingman Famous Four Baggers Dual Bat 71/99
    Redemption Shelby Miller Tribute Auto

    Overall not too bad happy with the Miller Auto Redemption. All are for sale, the Miller is unredeemed if interested. Send me a PM if u are interested in any of these :)

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    Not a bad break and the card you're going to have to wait on is a great pull.
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    Please cmb or the Tribute base. Thanks.

    Always looking for autos of Giants stars and Hall of Famers!

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