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    Recent Group Break Results. Group Breaks > Boxes

    I am in love with group breaks. I use Mojobreak. They are honest and awesome. They have some massive hits and sometimes I get some nice ones. These arent even close to the top hits, but I have been happy. I have just as much luck with boxes, but you pay about half the cost for a box. Sometimes you hit sometimes you miss. But that is the same with boxes. I just love the fun.

    Crabtree jsy /299
    Hester jsy /150
    Leach jsy /75
    Jenkins jsy /375
    Broyles 4clr patch /49

    2 Tulo RC jsy from Ultimate
    Pudge triple gu /25
    Randy Johnson jsy /25
    Johan dual jsy /15

    07 Ultimate Tulo
    13 Tribute Bauer /50
    13 Tribute David Wright /25
    Prizm McCarthy /25

    Forte /25
    Andre Roberts /50

    Jenkins /199
    Broyles /49

    Jefferies gu book /199
    Stephen Hill gu/auto /99

    Super Bowl 2 dual QB auto Starr/Lamonica /10
    Leroy kelly/Hornung/Sayers triple gu /25

    Ray Lewis 1/1

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    Sweet Starr and Lamonica some really nice hits overall Congrats.
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    Group breaks are definitely fun. I enjoy just watching it get broke open. Sometimes you hit a beauty, sometimes you dont get anything. But I just have so much fun. I would rather spend $60 on a spot that gets random. Then just waste $120+ for any products. I have had some solid hits in NT and there is no chance without these types of breaks I would ever have a chance. i cannot afford that.

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    Nice break
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    Please check me for the Santana and Wright, willing to buy if you don't see anything. Shoot me a pm thanks!
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    I actually already sold them. They are going out tomorrow

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    I'm really torn over Group Breaks. I have had absolutely HORRIBLE luck on them in the past. I mean beyond horrible. Nothing like dropping whatever it was for a spot and getting 1 colored refractor, a regular refractor, and then a bunch of base. I would have done better with getting the equivalent number of packs that money could have bought. Or you get a team you, nor anyone else, collects, like the Indians. So you can't even give the cards away. But thanks for sharing your hits, at least I know somebody is getting something out of these.
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