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    Big time Atlanta Braves mojo

    Went to Target and bought two packs of the 2011 Topps chrome from the $1.59 box

    Sepia autograph 15/99.

    Pretty sweet pull for under $4

    Went to my LCS to get some top-loader's and he is pretty expensive on every box or pack so I decided to grab just one pack 2013 Heritage for $4.99. Its hard to say I could have gotten something better than this. Considering I am in GA that is some mojo.
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    Wowzers go buy a lottery ticket nice hits Congrats.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

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    Wow, what the heck. First of all you get these pulls when you live in Georgia. Two you spent about $10 and you probably have a couple hundred in return. I wish I was this lucky
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    Sweet pull on the Aaron! Congratulations!

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    I was happy. I wanted to bust a box but he had 2012 leaf certified FB for $129 and Elite Basketball for $139 so I had to pass at that price.
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    If you want to trade with me, I will not make the offer. If you would like to trade shoot me an offer.

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    Very cool, that's one heck of a day! Congrats on the great pulls

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    Oh wow not only did you get a red Hank Aaron but you got #1 out of 32. That should be a nice premium on that card as well.
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    Awesome Hammerin' Hank auto!
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    Looking for- Lakers GU, auto's
    especially Kobe,Pau gasol, Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Wilt Chaimberlin, Paul Goldschmidt RC year stuff.Certain MMA cards, anything hellboy related.anything the walking dead related
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    Great card.

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