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    Pick ups in 2013

    Also have a Yu Darvish 2013 tribute auto redemption coming in

    Ian Kinsler 2011 Topps Marquee Gametime Mementos auto /20

    King Felix 2011 Tier One auto /99

    Josh Hamilton 2011 Tier One auto/99

    Josh Hamilton 2013 Topps Tribute auto 31/31

    Roy Halladay 2012 Museum Collection Jumbo Jersey 1/1

    Roy Halladay 2013 Gypsy Queen Mini Auto Booklet 4/5

    Roy Halladay Museum Collection quad patch /5

    Roy Halladay 2012 Tier One auto /50

    Josh Hamilton National Treasure Cut auto/Patch Book /5

    Curtis Granderson National Treasure Patch Book /25

    Roy Halladay National treasure Patch Book /10

    and my two favorite cards

    Curtis Granderson 2012 Triple Threads Patch book auto /3

    Roy Halladay 2012 Triple Threads Patch Book auto /3

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    wow great cards im jealous haha enjoy them!!!

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    That Halladay GQ booklet is awesome! I didn't even realize they made booklets with minis
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    Wow, I love the GQ booklet as well, never seen one before!
    Looking for 2012 National Treasures on card silver (/99) rated rookie autos, 2006 SP Legendary Cuts inserts/numbered base and most Mets auto/GU.
    Also looking for Celtics Autos/GU and 2012 Totally Certified Gold
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hollywood42 View Post
    That Halladay GQ booklet is awesome! I didn't even realize they made booklets with minis
    yeah i think this is the first yea rthey did booklets like this. Ithink it looks pretty awesome. I know a guy that does custom cases and he is going to make me one to fit it.

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    Mini booklets are awesome!

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    Nice cards!
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    amazing additions
    Collecting everything of: Frank Thomas

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