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    2013 SCF Playoffs Predictor Challenge - Jaunt for the Jersey Contest Leg #6

    Welcome to the 2013 SCF Playoffs Predictor Challenge!

    In this contest, which will count towards the final standings of the Jaunt for the Jersey, your powers of prognostication will be tested. We have devised a list of 40 questions that cover the entire span of the playoffs, and you have to look into your crystal ball to find the answers! There will be 15 questions based on player performance, 15 questions based on team performance, and 10 questions about the outcome of selected series. Additionally, you have 20 questions to answer based on each round of the playoffs. These questions will vary from each round, and will be specific to the circumstances that we experience on a round-to-round basis. It is therefore important that you follow every game, every night, every series, so that you can be ready for when the questions for rounds 2-4 are posted.

    The contest will run in this format:

    • Participants will answer the list of 60 questions as posted on the official entry form. (1st Round CLOSED)
    • For each correct guess, members will receive one point.
    • For open-ended numerical-based questions (i.e. How many points will Sidney Crosby have in the playoffs?) in which no member correctly guesses the answer, the member(s) who made the closest guess(es) without going over the final total will be awarded a point.
    • After each round, members will have a limited window of opportunity to post their answers to the next round's questions. These will be posted as soon as possible - make sure you get your entries submitted before the deadline, which will be set as the time & date of the first game of the next round. Late entries will not be accepted!

    The participant who has the most points after the Stanley Cup Finals shall be deemed the winner of this round of the Jaunt for the Jersey. The winner of the SCF Playoffs Predictor Challenge will receive a very cool card prize as well. This prize is still to be determined, but you can rest assured that it will be a reward worthy of your efforts!

    Consistent with the Jaunt for the Jersey Contest, all participants in the Playoffs Bracket Challenge will receive points towards the final standings. For this challenge, the number of points you receive in this leg of the contest will be applied to your final standings! If you receive 40 points in this leg, you will have 40 points added to your overall total. Participation is important!

    Entries for the main pool and the first round are CLOSED

    Please feel free to forward this along to anybody else that you think may be interested!

    Rules and Such...

    One entry per member. Multiple entries will be disqualified.

    All SCF members will be eligible to participate in this leg of the Jaunt for the Jersey Contest.

    Members must be in good standing to be eligible to win the Playoffs Predictor Challenge, meaning:
    - No serious infractions during the past 30 days: a serious infraction is any infraction worth over 3 points – any serious infractions will result in disqualification from the contest.
    - No suspensions: if you have been suspended from SCF for rule violations during the past 30 days, you are disqualified from participating.
    - No negative feedback for the past 30 days prior to the beginning of the contest - any negative feedback received will be investigated by the SCF Dispute Team.
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    All questions are finalized and the entry period is now OPEN!!
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    Entry submitted!

    Thanks for the contest!
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    Entry Submitted!

    TY for the contest
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    sent, ty. that was a lot of questions!
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    submitted! thanks!
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    soo many questions. ; ).. submitted, and thanks.
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    Good luck everybody! We have 12 participants in the contest!
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