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Thread: WTTF/WTB Foles/Osweiler/James

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    WTTF/WTB Foles/Osweiler/James

    Hey guys,
    I am looking for LaMichael James,Brock Osweiler and Nick Foles! Mostly looking for Autographs but will consider others!
    LMK If you have any! I will trade or buy.


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    I have these available for sale. Please PM me if interested. Thanks

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    I have:
    Brock Osweiler 12 Panini #15 Certified Fabric of the Game #032/199


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    It is #023/199
    I am looking for offers.


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    wonder why he got banned
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    /25 BLACK!! /10 GOLD!!!/5 RED!!!!

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    IDK? I was working a deal with him and he just stopped responding. I guess i know why now
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    Was the same for me. Oh well.

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    Everything is available except for PC
    Only taking offers atm.

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