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    Games/systems for trade

    I have some games/systems I would like to trade.

    Nintendo Wii Games

    1. Family Game Night
    2. Endless Ocean
    3. Monster 4x4 Stunt Racing
    4. Wii Play
    5. Star Wars The Force Unleashed
    6. Cabelas Big Game Hunter
    7. Deca Sports
    8. Game Party
    9. Tiger Woods 09
    10. Tiger Woods 10

    Wii U Games

    1. Nintendo Land

    PS Vita Games

    1. MLB The Show 12
    2. Lego Batman 2
    3. Wipeout 2048
    4. Mortal Kombat
    5. Uncharted Golden Abyss

    Xbox 360 Games

    1.Splinter Cell Double Agent
    2. World Series of Poker 08

    PS3 Games

    1. God of War 1 & 2 (same disc no case. It comes in a God of War jacket though)
    2. God Of War 3 ( Again no case but comes in a God of War Jacket)

    PS Vita System (Black 3G) Comes with Charger and 4 GB memory card excellent condition

    Nintendo 64 system it comes with controller and hook up cords. It in decent shape and works fine

    Im looking for other games in return. Im not really looking to sell because most of these games dont have a high sell value.

    Im really interested in N64 and Super Nintendo games. I like the 5 dollar games also. im not in it to resell but please no sports titles ( they are just unplayable now)

    The PsVita would only be traded for something of it value. (Like 1 or 2 pieces )
    Bring me Nnamdi Asomugha and Oakland Raiders.

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    interested in all the God of War..what other system games are you looking for

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    I own.

    XBOX 360
    Wii U
    PS Vita
    Sega genesis

    They are the ones I own. I will trade for games from either
    Bring me Nnamdi Asomugha and Oakland Raiders.

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    what do you need for the vita
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