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    Question What is your most valuable "worthless" card you have pulled?

    What is your most valuable "worthless" card you have or have pulled? You know the 1/1 super refractor of the guy who never reached the majors or maybe an awesome jumbo patch card of a bench player on a bad team. Basically something that you got that you wished it featured a better player instead of.

    So what is your most valuable "worthless" card?
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    Well here's the card I pulled which comes to mind.....
    2008 Topps Co-Signers Quad Signers #LKFW Francisco Liriano/Scott Kazmir/Jeff Francis/Dontrelle Willis

    At the time of pulling it, it was the beginning of the end for Kazmir and Liriano. Dontrelle's career was already derailed and Francis would never put it together. This was by far the worst card in the 9 card set! It was my first and only booklet card pull though!

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    I just pulled a Preston Beck autograph from a pack of Panini Prizim cards. I was so excited to finally get my first autograph since getting back into the hobby, then I was quite let down when I looked online and realized that he is batting .210 in single A...
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    Jason Kendall 1998 New Pinnacle yellow Press Plate back.

    Kendall was a good player, but a plate of a card back? I think I traded it for @$20 in my early SCF days.

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    2005 donruss dk shaun hill platinum 1/1 not autographed just with the frame.
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    I recently pulled a 1/1 from totally certified (basketball) or some random Hawks player I've never heard of, it's the only 1/1 I've ever pulled but really wish it was a better player. Did get some nice Celtics stuff in trade for it though!
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    I don't open a lot of boxes, but I did one pull a printing plate auto of I think his name was Jake McGee from Topps Chrome.

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    I hit a Marc Karuss, Printing plate 1/1 it was awesome never hit anything before so it was awesome.. i liked it somuch i graded it lol

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